Oana Maria Puciu

here is an unspoken order that flows through the universe … the order of frequencies surrounding our spirit that transcends space and time .. We are here to experiment, breathe and save time, to leave a mark through our existence no matter what that is..
I chose to save time by leaving my music behind.. I am guided by inner peace when I create and none of my creations follow trends, playing and producing strictly according to my mood..
So one might call it deep, one might call it dark, one might call it techno.. I just call it harmonious frequencies…
I do get inspired by what other artists do , but I am a strong believer of keeping ones identity and originality intact so that , whatever we leave behind stands out and touches the hearts and minds of the ones that need it…
Oana -December 2014

Oana draws her sound from her deep mystical roots .. Born and raised in Romania place that is not only covered in a vail mystery but as well known for the exceptional underground scene and distinctive sound.

Stylistically, Oana grooves through harmony – creating sets that are stirring and pequliar , having profound expertise with analog and digital technology. Her sound is visonary but instinctual; dark with a warm sense of beauty and grace; wondrously dense and supple extremes.

Oana’s DJing style has been enclosed on her DJ Mag Next generation Competition Mix, making her the proud winner of the competition in July 2014.

In the summer of 2014, Oana revealed her debut, on Berlin Label “Deep Square”- ‘Rain – “Sabatine”, a refreshing blend of organic and uplifting frequencies combined curiously with modern electronic grace. Similar to her unpredictable DJ sets, ‘Rain’ took listeners from one end of the spectrum to the other, treading the fine lines of profoundity along the way so that she can convey them back to a blissful place.The Remixes done By Frazer Campbell and Iori Wakasa have not passed unoticed placing ‘Rain’ on the top Beatport downloads.

These days Oana isn’t home very often. In-between touring, she’s fully focused on her new record label that will release soon.